Adaptive Golf Association is dedicated to providing those individuals the needed resources to learn and play the game of golf. We are an advocate for individuals with physical disabilities who want to participate in the sport, yet feel they are lacking the appropriate equipment and resources to do so.

Whether you are an adaptive athlete or simply one who believes that everyone has the right to play golf, we want you to join the Adaptive Golf Association.

The association’s goals are to:

  • Provide means for individuals with physical challenges to learn, play and utilize golf as a rehabilitation tool.

  • Harness the interest and support for the growth and development of adaptive golf programs nationally.

Together we can make golf all-inclusive and ADA compliant. After all, it is a sport where all golfers have a handicap!


“Adaptive golf has been significantly helpful in getting me thinking and speaking more positively, which has carried over into my everyday life.” ~ Betty Dimmick, Adaptive golfer living with MS